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Point of Sale

  • A clutterless interface allows for orders to be processed quickly and easily.

    Secure control on all functions such as refunds, discounts and voids with a comprehensive journal recording all buttons pressed on the pos.

    Each POS unit operates independently of a server which makes the system fast and stable..
  • All sales data is automatically backed up to a memory stick so no information is lost in the event of hardware failure
  • Try it on our Tablet.
  • No internet - no problem. Our tablet runs independently of the internet.

  • All sales data can be saved online for remote viewing, and all programming can also be done remotely.

Loyalty System

“You give a little...you get a lot!”

Loyalty creates repeat customers and it’s the easiest way to boost sales.

XLPOINT has various methods of loyalty from collecting points, preferential price levels, automatic discounts of selected items or money back for every on sales values.

No startup costs...simply use your customer’s cell number as an account number


Accounts and cashless

Simple Instore accounts for pay later.

Use the accounts as a cashless system. Funds can be pre-loaded and daily limits set so not all funds are spent on the same day

Credit limits can be set to prevent customers exceeding their spend limit

Set an expiry date on the account

Stock Management

This is what makes XLPOINT so unique, it’s in its simplicity in helping you manage your stock.

Don’t mistake simplicity in lacking in functionality, in fact XLPOINT has all the tools you will need to control your stock.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • Gross profit targeting
  • Bill of materials (Recipe costing)
  • Stock transfers
  • Stock manufacturing
  • Multi stock locations
  • Inter branch stock transfers
  • Maintain stock across multiple stores
  • In-house barcodes


“The quickest way to lose money is by not managing your stock”

Keep it Simple!


Cloud Access

XLPOINT cloud features allow you to view all sales and stock figures remotely, maintain pricing and add or edit items. This can be done at any time..

An advantage with XLPOINT is that it is not reliant on the cloud to operate, so an internet connection is not a requirement.




“No internet...no problem”

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