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Point of Sale

    A clutterless interface allows for orders to be processed quickly and easily.

    Secure control on all functions such as refunds, discounts and voids with a comprehensive journal recording all buttons pressed on the pos.

    Each POS unit operates independently of a server which makes the system fast and stable..

    All sales data is automatically backed up to a memory stick so no information is lost in the event of hardware failure

Try it on our Tablet.

No internet - no problem. Our tablet runs independently of the internet yet all sales data can be saved online for remote viewing, and all programming can also be done remotely.


Loyalty System

    Create your own simple loyalty or reward program and start engaging with your customers.

    Boost Sales

    Inexpensive to start

    Great for your reputation


    Track spending patterns

    Reward your customers (Everyone likes to get something for free,)

    Easy to manage

    Already have a loyalty system, then we can look at integrating it with our POS system.


    Create in-store accounts

    Pre-load accounts with cash for a cashless system

    Set daily and monthly limits

    All account reports in Microsoft Excel



    In keeping things simple XLPOINT uses Microsoft Excel as its main interface for stock management.

    Full stock control, recipe (bill of materials) costing with gross profit targeting, actual versus theoretical stock usage, variance reports, purchasing history, simple stock manufacturing, stock transfers, transfer reports and much more...

    Comprehensive reporting is all done in Microsoft Excel with a complete financial breakdown, sales of items by department, group, supplier and cashier.

    Remote access via the cloud

    Cloud reporting



    What is the cloud?
    Essentially it is a computer that’s situated in a remote building that will store all your data and it will be accessed via the internet.

    Program the remote stores from your computer and it will save it to the cloud and to your local PC. The stores will automatically pick up the changes and update itself, with no user intervention necessary.

    All sales and stock figures are automatically uploaded to the cloud with no user intervention

    Use the cloud as a backup, and minimize the risk of data loss  in the event of theft

    XLPOINT is not reliant on the cloud and can run completely off-line.

    All programming can be done on your computer and uploaded to the cloud when required

    All sales data will be uploaded when the system detects an internet connection